Since 1985:
TriDynamic Solutions, Inc. began doing business as Dan Duke, Consulting Engineer in 1985. The business operated as a sole proprietorship until 1999 when it was incorporated as DDCE, Inc. The company suspended operations in 2006 when Dan Duke took on an assignment with one of his long-term clients which lasted until 2011. DDCE, Inc. was renamed TriDynamic Solutions and resumed operations in 2011.

The Name:
The name TriDynamic Solutions was selected to communicate our purpose. First, the prefix Tri is included to emphasize the goal for a balance between analytical methods, physical evidence, and practical experience. Analytical methods range from classical approaches to application of high level finite element methods. Physical evidence includes testing, in situ observation, and forensic investigation. Drawing from practical experience helps to insure efficient application of engineering tools and methods. Second, the word Dynamic describes many of the applications we are called on to address which often involve the effects of blast, impact, vibrations, seismic events, and other high energy dynamic sources. Lastly, the word Solutions is based on our customer centered goal to provide practical, cost effective, and technically sound solutions within the requirements of the application.

What We Do:
TriDynamic Solutions provides engineering services in the general areas of structural dynamics, mechanical vibrations, unusual structures, and machine design. Since his involvement in the renovation of the Pentagon in the late 90's and the repair of the Pentagon after 911, the primary focus of Dan Duke (TriDynamic Solutions) has been design, analysis, research, development, and testing of windows and curtain wall systems subjected to blast effects. Other areas of focus involve modeling, design, and development of mechanical equipment and structural systems with consideration for the effects of blast, impact, vibrations, high temperatures, material nonlinearity and geometric nonlinearity.
TriDynamic Solutions, Inc.
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